My sock drawer is messy. So am I.


I love many things, some of which aren’t for prying eyes and others that I’ll just leave on the front doorstop.

I like laughing REALLY loud. I like teacups. I like gummi things with sour stuff.

I get most of my musical taste through people who are infinitely cooler than I am, which is why I have the coolest friends ever.

I love comic books, manga, board games, and other things that you can do anytime anywhere. I love singing oldies at the top of my lungs while boogie-ing pointlessly around my carpet in socks. I like people. Alot. No really, ALOT.

I dunno, dude. I say dumb stuff all the time and I like it when other people do too.

I am not cool. I am not scene. I am not emo. I am not really all that spectacular in any way shape or form. I like silly radio songs and I like cheezy movies. I like stories where the good guy wins but not without losing something first. I like reading as escape. I’m sober. I like scooters but have no clue how to drive one or ride one or however the hell you say it. I like collecting action figures and actually playing with them. I like a good love story.

Most of all? I’m still just learning.



  1. Listen, I only know you through two posts and this little intro, but I think you are fabulous. Honest is hard to come by. Sobriety is harder to come by. People that aren’t spectacular usually don’t have cool friends. And you write really, really well. I’m adding you to my reader, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Welcome to blogging!

  2. LMAO….so, funny story that is not really related to any of your posts but was started by your profile on Twitter so here goes:

    I looked at your Twitter bio the other day and was like, “WTF does ‘ubi es caelum, caelum es ubi caelum es’ mean anyway? So, being the geek I am, I looked it up. Google was not a lot of help but I figured it looked Latin-ish so I found a translator. Put in the phrase and it told me that it means ‘when are sky , sky are when sky are’ and I was again like WTF.

    Then I noticed the ‘trying to figure out where the hell the sky is’ tagline below your blog name and went DUH. Then I went back to the trusty translator and typed that in, being all curious as to what it would say. It said ‘trying ut instar sicco qua abyssus divum est’. Personally I think it lied to me since the first word was ‘trying’. Kinda like it said FU lady, I’m just going to give you a bunch of gobbledygook. So I took the exact phrase it gave me and copy/pasted it in and got this: ‘trying when a form to dry up by which route hell sky is’.

    A few things:

    1. I understand that Latin is the root of all Romance languages and all and that studying it would be beneficial but this small foray into it maked me has a migraine.
    2. I no longer trust the internet.
    3. Still ❤ you though even though it's TECHNICALLY your fault my head hurts.
    4. I realize I could have just ASKED you what it meant and avoided the headache. Therefore, I remove any blame for said headache from you.

    ❤ Jo

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