Buried in Tulle and Moving Boxes

For dinner tonight I made black grouper in a lime scallion teriyaki with huge sea scallops and crispy green veggies. I was inspired.

I have a new kitchen. It’s glossy with large cabinet space that opens into the living room. It sprawls. It yawns. It glitters. I’ve never had anything quite like it before in my life. It’s beautiful and I find myself trailing absently happy fingers over the granite counter tops while plotting.

I’ve got a lot to plot lately. I’ve gone and busied up my life.

I’ve moved. I’ve gotten engaged. I’ve taken up origami. I’ve decided to refinish and reupholster a kitchen table and chairs. I’m starting to get crafty. I read a whole bunch. I did absolutely nothing but contemplate the length of my toenails. I’ve grown my fingernails and bitten them all off. I bought a veil. I bought shoes. I quit smoking. (OMG!) I’ve gone crazy and I’ve found bits of serenity. I’ve fought with my fiancée and fallen more in love with him by the minute. I got into a car crash and walked away from my car. I got paid. I got a new job. I’ve learned new skills and forgotten them promptly. I thought I was ugly then remembered I’m not. I got more freckles and noticed more grey hairs. I stopped going to school for a semester and am wondering if there is some way to parlay my love of crafty things into a full time living. I have decided to make a letterpress. I spray painted things that were legal for once.

I’ve lived and junk.

I’m going to space out the full update, but that’s enough for now yes?



  1. Busied up your life? I’ll say. Let’s talk crafty stuff sometime. I’m obsessed with making stuff lately and my sewing machine is calling to me.

    Congrats on stopping smoking!

  2. Oh my god, girl… just when I thought you’d fallen off the edge of the world, HERE YOU ARE! And all is well again.

    I’m thrilled for all your new stuff… new digs… new and lasting love. Wow. WOW!!

    And those pics your friend took? You are one gorgeous non-smoking lady.

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