I work. I learn.

TAKE THAT RESUMES!! I squish you all with words.
This is my response to the university question about briefly summarizing my work history and or inclusion of a work resume.  This will either get my application torched or amuse some poor person.  I’m hoping the latter.
In my lifelong search for the perfect job, I have worked long hours in the restaurant industry.  In this profession, I perfected the ability to speak fluent nonsense and hold reasonably polite conversations with disagreeable people. I can carry a tray above my head and fist over three drinks in one hand.  I know the difference between Garganelli and Gorganzola.  I’ve had moments where I distract myself with the idea I can do other things: grave digger, haunted house employee, writing tutor, and military personnel.  However, I find myself drawn to working with people in a fast-paced environment requiring me to be sociable on a daily basis.
If nothing else, my decade working with the public has given me more experience than the average eighteen year old on the importance of a degree.  I understand that without the proper education I will be pigeon-holed into believing that I am capable of nothing more than remembering whether my customer wanted a baked potato or a side of rice.  I also know that this is not true. I do not look good on paper, because a resume doesn’t include the wonder of a sunset over the pacific, the knowledge that I can drive only so far on a quarter tank of gas, that most people just want to be listened to, and that I am capable of nearly anything.  So, work history aside, I am an amazing person who deserves the opportunity to become more than just a waitress.


  1. You know, this stuff really puts me in a mood. I can be a fairly moody person on the inside as it is. (most around me wouldn’t know that)

    I haven’t read this blog in probably… a year. I’m glad Jenny point it out to me back then. I had you sitting in a bookmark just awaiting the proper time for my revisit. I found the 8 or 10 sites I was looking for in order to help a friend in need.

    Stumbling across this one reminded me that I too need things from time to time. And really, I doubt it surprises you, but -reading words that bleed out of those who seem to feel more deeply than most- is just one of those things that does it for me. I normally rely on classical, published words that I can lift to my face the form of a book I’ve once purchased.

    But really, this did just as well today.

    Pigeonholing isn’t my thing. I hesitate to think of this as rather close to beat poetry. I think I just failed in that regard.

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